Franchise of turn-key production of façade décor with realistic travertine / marble / wood look

Franchise of turn-key production of façade décor with realistic travertine / marble / wood look

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About Sangallo Company

producer of slabs, flat panels and curved façade décor with much realistic travertine and other naturel texture looks and white façade décor elements of highest quality

We produce different façade elements that look like natural travertine under Sangallo brand. And we can also imitate marble and wood…

All the elements are made of Styrofoam covered with special acrylic mixture that contains marble, and then varnish.
The product is certified in Ukraine and tested for thermal and moisture protection in the international laboratory. It can be used in different climate zones.

The installation of Sangallo travertine look décor is simplest – it is light and does not require anchoring group or special equipment. Just glue and special joint seams processing needed, that’s all.
2 steps for 2 days installation!
A few figures more for you:
• Production cost of 1 m2 (slabs, panels) or 1 m of décor is about 19 $ if price for styrofoam about 50 $/m3 and import of our mixture for 2$/kg FCA Odessa to Near East, Europe or Russia.
• And it is about 40-50% economy comparing natural travertine in cost
• And great economy for installation
• And time saving for production and installation
• And additional insulation with Styrofoam
There are many advantages, agree!

What do we offer?

1 Organizing full circle production in your location for producing the same façade décor with all equipment and staff training + 2 weeks support after production launch at your location and + 2 month later on-line

2 In addition we can organize production of the façade acrylic mixture (for discussion, not included in a basic offer)

So, if you represent a developer or company, that builds up to 3 flour houses for middle and middle+ price segments our offer for you!
Be welcome to get in touch with us to have full offer and be ready to have a competitive advantage to build beautiful houses that look like made of travertine or even marble for low price, short time and good quality.

We’ve done facades for more than 20 clients for 2 seasons. And all of them said “WOW!”
And we are sure your clients will say the same. 

Be welcome for cooperation!

Get in touch with us

Company: Sangallo fasade decor Contact persons: Founders Pavel and Violetta Lozyuk Теl: +380506359138 | +380953303127Address: Ukraine, Odessa port cityEmail: moc.liamg%40do.sserpxeyorts

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